Crypto is complicated. Our goal is to make it simpler for our customers.
A simple, transparent and flexible pricing is a good start.

Own Your Nodes

Straightforward, Rewarding, Transparent, Human

Non-Custodial - Your funds 100% in Your Control..

Easily Increase Stake, Launch Validators, Keep them Competitive.

High Security with Insurance, Non-Custodial Staking, Automatic Sweeps

Pre-Warmed, Ready-to-Go Nodes.

Well-Spec'ed Nodes, Well-Spec'ed Gateway Servers

Supports all the Popular Chains

$10k Loss and Theft Coverage, underwritten by Lloyd's of London

Transparent Performance via Detailed Charts, Daily Reports

Why Choose C0D3R?

No Drama, In Expert Hands, High Performance

Competitive Performance, Frequently Beating the Network Average

Best Customer Service, 24hr SLA, Quick Response

We are the Oldest and Largest Node Runnner in the Ecosystem

We are the Experts, C0D3R is the Official Pocket Network Protocol Maintainer

Rewards Share

Premium Nodes
Earn Rewards with No Additional $ Investment
No Minimum Number of Node Requirements
No Maximum Stake
Commissions Calculated Automatically

Paid Plan

Premium Nodes
Keep all your rewards!
No Minimum Number of Node Requirements
No Maximum Stake
No Extra Fees for Validators

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