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We have all levels of exams. You know you are an expert. But others don't. Newcomers as well as seasoned experts can benefit from accreditation. 

My C0D3R™ certification for C# with Concurrency Endorsement opened the door to a job I wouldn't otherwise even get interviewed for. It was a nice conversation opener during the interviews, and my self-development motivation definitely got me some points.

Arthur Tsun - Runfast

Needed. Now.

Anywhere from startups to Fortune 500 companies, capable computer engineers are needed. Microsoft has thousands of open positions for software developers. Same for Google. Same for Facebook. Same for everyone...

Getting Certified Pays

$80,000 USD - Average Salary for Certified SQL Developer 1

$95,000 USD - Average Salary for Certified Java Developer 2

Benefits for Employees, Freelancers, Coaches and Trainers

  • C0D3R™ certificate will be your Proof of Competence and up-to-date know-how in this domain.
  • It will help you become better than your competition and ultimately get hired for your next big challenge.
  • It will broaden your perspective. It will help you get more responsibilities and better career opportunities compared to your peers.
  • It will provide a brand new toolset that you can deliver great products and services that your customer will enjoy and love.

Benefits for Employers

  • C0D3R™ certificate will reduce costs by improving efficiency of your teams, activities and processes.
  • It will help you win projects with your qualified employees.
  • It will improve employee satisfaction by encouraging them to get trained and learn.
  • It will improve the quality of your deliverables and customer satisfaction.

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Programs starting from $29.95

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Our accreditation programs are all provided online. You can get accredited today using your own computer.

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Your proof of knowledge will be attractive to thousands of potential employers.


Be part of a rich alumni network for the area of your expertise. Ask questions. Network.

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Computer industry has a wide spectrum of needs. So we offer a wide spectrum of certification opportunities.

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We don't share your contact information with anyone. Ever. We process your credit card information using the most secure payment processor in the industry,


Our exams are curated by industry veterans and famous authors.

Industry veterans gives us the confidence that our exams are job relavent. Our certificate means that you will be functional and productive on day one at your new job.

Famous authors with multiple books help us we cover a wide variety of topics and modern subjects. This way, not only you will be productive on day one, but you will be able to innovate, grow and bring a fresh perspective, helping you have a bright future.

Edward Pollack
Ed is a database administrator with over 15 years of professional experience in database design, optimization, server hardware, and public speaking. He is the author of Dynamic SQL book.
Saurabh K. Gupta
Saurabh's technology focus has been centered around Oracle Database architecture, Oracle Cloud platform, Database In-Memory, Database Consolidation, Multitenant, Exadata, Big Data, and Hadoop. He is author of Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Developer's Guide
Kim Berg Hansen
Kim is a developer/architect using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL since 2000, specializing in doing it all in a single SQL statement wherever possible, utilizing the database to the maximum. He is an Oracle ACE Director, he is the main author for the weekly “Select from SQL” quiz on Oracle Dev Gym and he blogs on Oracle development topics, mainly SQL.
Erik Ostermuller
Erik is a Java architect who has spent the last 10 years leading international performance engineering teams, tuning high-throughput Java financial systems in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He is the author of Troubleshooting Java Performance.
Preethi Vasudev
Preethi is a seasoned developer with many years of industry experience. She has keen interest in User Interface development, performance improvement and debugging. She is our Java exam curator.

Our Process

We have an intiutive and easy certification process designed to be as seemless as possible.

  1. First, choose a certification or certification bundle from our catalogue. Review the description, study training materials.
  2. When ready to take the exam, make your payment. Rest assured, we use a secure payment processor in the backend. We never even store your credit card information.
  3. Then, take the online test. Our exams are multiple choice. You need to have answered 70% questions correctly in order to pass the exam. (Please see FAQ section) The number of exam questions, and requirements to pass are summarized in the exam statistics on the description page for each certification.
  4. When you pass the exam, you will receive your certificate within minutes. Your certificate will contain a unique identification number that will allow you prove authenticity of your certificate.

C0D3R™ Certifications

C0D3R™ has certificate programs for most roles and levels. Whether you are junior web designer, or a senior programmer getting into another field, you will find a program that will match your needs.

Java Programs

Starting from $29.95
Java Developer (CJD)

With a large installed base, this widely used programming language continues to create jobs in the tech industry. Additionally, the popularity of Android apps has brought along countless opportunities for an Android developer who write native apps in Java. This exam covers all the basics and building blocks of Java language.

Advanced Object Oriented Design with Java (OOJE)

Java has top-notch object oriented programming features, allowing experienced developers to create scalable and easy to maintain programs. This exam covers both basic and advanced object oriented concepts, as well as specific features of Java language that allows usage of those concepts.

C# Programs

Starting from $29.95
C# Developer (CCSD)

C# and .NET are tools that are dexterous enough to be used for a variety of projects, from mobile apps to web sites and cloud services here are over 100k open positions posted on LinkedIn that asks for C#. With a credible C# certification, you will open doors to a wealth of job positions. This exam covers all the basics and building blocks of C# language.

Advanced Multi-Threading with C# Expert (MTCSE)

One cannot imagine a server infrastructure without a well-designed multi-threading architecture, for which C# is the ideal language. Not only does it have all the built-in tools, but it also has a lot of useful language features to make life easy. Also, it is cross platform, allowing your servers to be deployed to alternative server platforms. This exam covers all the fundamentals of highly scalable and highly performant multi-threaded architectures with C#.

SQL Programs

Starting from $29.95
SQL Developer (CSQLD)

In today's data oriented world, SQL opens doors to independence in data analytics. Employers are moving fast to covert their data to information. To achieve that, what they need the most is SQL developers and data scientist that can process data by themselves. This exam covers all the basics and building blocks of common SQL without any Microsoft or Oracle specific extensions.

Advanced SQL with Oracle PL/SQL (PLSQL)

Are you comfortable thinking in sets and relations, working with data inside the Oracle database? Can you make queries using all the functionality of the SQL language to get results of multiple sources in single SQL statements, so the client calling has to do as little work as possible? Can you work with Text, LOBs, XML, JSON, objects and collections within the database?

Advanced SQL with Microsoft T-SQL (TSQL)

Are you comfortable thinking in sets and relations, working with data inside the Microsoft SQL Server database? Can you make queries using all the functionality of the SQL language to get results of multiple sources in single SQL statements, so the client has to do as little work as possible? Do you understand performance consequences of your queries? Do you strive to use more features of your server?

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Web Developer (CWD)

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C++ Developer (CCPPD)

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Data Scientist (CDS)

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