Now with theft and loss cover by

Let Your Nodes Do all the Work

Pocket Network is a Proof-of-Stake Network that connects distributed apps to each other without the exorbitant electric, HDD space or RAM costs associated with Proof-of-Work Networks.

C0D3R is an infrastructure-as-a-service platform that runs Pocket Network validator nodes in the datacenters across the world.

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Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Acquire Ready-to-Go Nodes with few button clicks.
2. Fund them by sending at lesat 15,150 POKT
3. Press the Stake button.

This is all there is to it! Your nodes will start performing relays with for you and earning your rewards.
Relays are NOT mining: Your nodes do only useful work and are very environmentally friendly with neglibile electricity consumption and hardware wear.


Lots to Love


  • Run your nodes on high end CPUs with 4 vCPUs and 7GB RAM with local RAID harddisks.
  • Ethereum, Ropsten, Goerli, Rinkeby, xDai, Kovan, BSC, Fuse and Avax servers on RAID SSD for reduced response times.
  • Our nodes are up-to-date with the latest stable version.
  • Latest Ubuntu OS with automated security updates.


  • Launch pre-warmed, ready-to-go nodes.
  • Choose between 5 different geographical locations.
  • Strict Security Measures.
  • Automatically transfer reward tokens to offline wallet address of your choice.
  • Insurance-backed guarantee for theft and loss, underwritten by Lloyd's of London


  • Detailed charts and future projections.
  • Get daily reports on your nodes' performance and how they compare to other nodes in the network.
  • Keep as accountable with 30-point 10-minute hearbeats.

Do You Want More Rewards?

C0D3R nodes earned 102% more rewards than other nodes in the network.
In the last 72 hours, C0D3R nodes earned on average 88.48 POKTs vs. 43.81 for ALL staked nodes.

This is because our nodes are:

  • Automatically monitored and interventions performed within minutes.
  • Connected to GETH servers, which are not overloaded and have more than 80% available CPU resources.
  • On SSD drives, with multiple cores
  • On the latest version of the Pocket Core, and OS has updates automatically installed.

Pulse of Pocket Network

169.0 M
13.0 M


Crypto Is complicated. Our goal is to make it simpler for our customers.
A simple, transparent and flexible pricing is part of our goals.

Flexible Pricing

Automatic Offline Wallet Transfers.

Pre-Warmed, Ready-to-Go Nodes.

Well-Speced Nodes, Well-Speced Gateway (Eth, etc.) Servers

Transparent Performance via Detailed Charts, Daily Reports

All supported chains (Eth, Eth Archival, Eth Test, Fuse, Avax)

Loss and Theft Coverage, underwritten by Lloyd's of London