Pocket Network Charts

Metrics on this page are calculated using pocket state data for every block since genesis. Please note that we are not using the easier but much less accurate "supply" based approach. We calculate relays and rewards directly from individual node claims. They reflect the performance of the Pocket Network regardless of how C0D3R.org is performing. That said, they have a bearing on how we perform because number of validator nodes in the Network and relay requests by apps affect the available work for our validator nodes. Dates and times are calculated based on the block height and with the assumption that a block is being generated every 15 minutes, which is mostly true but not always.

Please see our FAQ section to learn more about Pocket Network, Relays, Validator Nodes, Staking and Jail.

Check out our brand new Node Explorer for more information about individual nodes.

NOTICE: Certain information below contains forward-looking information, projections, and/or estimates regarding the Pocket Network and the POKT token. You acknowledge and agree that neither Time Base Six, LLC, dba C0D3R, nor any person on behalf of C0D3R, makes or has made, and you expressly disclaim, any direct or indirect representation or warranty whatsoever, including, but not limited to, with respect to (i) the accuracy or completeness of any information presented below relating to the Pocket Network, its assets, business, affairs, financial condition, results of operations or prospects, (ii) the accuracy or completeness of any information presented below relating to POKT, it’s value, or POKT’s ability to generate revenue and/or profit, or (ii) any other projections or estimates below. All dates are UTC.

All data as of block height 78046.

POKT Price

Data is based on completed deals on stardesk.io.

Servicer Performance


How to read below chart:

Earned POKT is calculated by multiplying relays with Pokt-to-Relay-Multiplier (currently 719), taking 85% of that (portion that goes to servicers) and dividing by all staked validator nodes, including jailed and unjailed nodes. We include both, because jailed/unjailed node count number fluctuates a lot, therefore precluding reliable calculations just based on one of them.

Please wait while we load "Chain Relays - 24h" chart

Please wait while we load "Chain Relays - 24h" chart

Average rewards shown on this page or other chart sites may make it look like that those rewards can be expected everyday by healthy nodes. While those rewards can be achieved on average in the long term, because of the luck factor, they cannot be achieved daily.

Number of Large Apps (with more than 1M relays in 24 hours) A = 186
Number of Unjailed Validator Nodes in the Network N = 27420
Nodes per session C = 24
Chances of getting selected to such a large session (A * C / N) P = 16.28%
Chances of NOT getting selected to any such large session (100-P) P' = 83.72%
Chances of NOT getting selected to any such large sessions the whole DAY (P'24) P'24= 1.41%
Chances of NOT getting selected to such large sessions the whole 3 DAYS (P'24*3) P'72= 0.00%

Per above math, your nodes, regardless of the provider or the node runner, will not meet the daily average frequently, because they won't be consistently lucky enough to be selected such large sessions. More often than not, they will be below the average but sometimes they will also be way over the average. Ultimately, their performance will converge to network average over the long term (1 week+)

Fun Facts on Performance

In last 24 hours:

Number of Nodes Participated in Sessions & Performed Relays 23741
Max Relays performed by any Node 83.3K on Binance Smart Chain
Median Relays performed by any Node 3.5K on Fantom
Min Relays performed by any Node 10 on 0056


308 M

Top Apps (By Max Relays / Stake)

Chains Max Relays (Session) Max Relays (24hrs) Address
1 0060,0061,0062,IoTex,OEC,0063,0064,Polygon Mumbai 20M 480M 04b6e279acf0145998876010537342e8011cd572
2 0060,0061,0062,IoTex,OEC,0063,0064,Polygon Mumbai 20M 480M 8c3125c5950d212426483f58163d04e943bebc6d
3 0060,0061,0062,IoTex,OEC,0063,0064,Polygon Mumbai 20M 480M 424d1c1a2a3c84ce7765a61e426c658be2360b9c
4 Ethereum 2M 48M 4aa65ddfe1a19f16d088b47b04b6854bab51ca91
5 xDai 2M 48M 147d5ad9415f59c061d3c6a12325f2b228467938
6 Ethereum 2M 48M cc05dd6dcd1eaf544541d4105665cfbd9d645d1d
7 Ethereum 2M 48M b71c35de0cdf8036646a5eb369be73f0b5b1324a
8 xDai 2M 48M 44c1899c792f0a83bc5e97809628bfa46e30287e
9 Ethereum 2M 48M ac2fb24da0042e3402d01bd3d9f9caf65af5a0fb
10 Ethereum 2M 48M 4e68443eba35f1bb94c78c1d90789b135e97d2d5
11 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 2c31aa5d64d4e03feeedda92cfd6a8ce009b3ee9
12 xDai 2M 48M 1838247e0d6b2c8f05bb5a6cad822b7a9cccd393
13 Ethereum 2M 48M 2abcf270e0a33ed5dbdc443fc05602a63115bb5c
14 xDai 2M 48M 00de29c6ce8dd03ef618b1265beb5c4ba2ade380
15 xDai 2M 48M f9c64409bc201205cf18bb219c4f2a3873070927
16 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 40d229c75f95beb528abc39bd3f1b22bdbc9cacf
17 xDai 2M 48M dcc2366221df88de729b1693eae291b01db07159
18 xDai 2M 48M aca6a190448f36ed66289d15a6b5c10051afc4f2
19 Fuse 2M 48M db7713c4158fed93fec713e342e28895949fce04
20 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 8452319dec2c476dcebdac6c79743e307a7dac9c
21 Ethereum 2M 48M 830798f5a1fa3e23cea8428943ff1813e46512fa
22 xDai 2M 48M 7afa3eb1bb11560a68629055603cbb13fd25cf94
23 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 6cd48abbb4494556075bdfc6b20e75f1cb659f3f
24 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 6bf73ba98d0353f322888b76b8506291e37c8b08
25 Ethereum 2M 48M 328a7c2f508f6ef5aeeff9a985305f1d7b454a06
26 Ethereum 2M 48M 615289ce9b7c6f1d58f51eecc9eef037b04c33df
27 xDai 2M 48M 195661e700b4c007931eb2ecf7f4476416d10238
28 Ethereum 2M 48M 195b6266049618eef6c4d6d11129a825f5b76ae3
29 Ethereum 2M 48M 1c48d04a5ab9519fc3b781059dcefdfe36294bcc
30 Optimism Mainnet 2M 48M 08a8adffcc0358df91fe697d2d8a5f307f1373c6
31 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 06b70daa794a08079bb3ebe3b28c5a88503d75ab
32 Binance Smart Chain 2M 48M 0152477c67395fc9ef41a21c8c9c53fc9786a757
33 xDai 2M 48M f15d9bab78da4b2eeda8e798d3eae54510082ce2
34 Moonbeam 2M 48M 06fcb87523f0f14a5fd3c1996f3e30cab6036b8e
35 Ethereum 2M 48M 3424169697056dba6d2b90fb670dfed1ee0f432d
36 Ethereum 2M 48M bec0b72d46392180562ab7028c37ceafc5f83b3f
37 Fuse 2M 48M e4594376f0063befc44b3431c69441f3fb424924
38 xDai 2M 48M e7147f048e52bfe39c8ca5816ff643d9811330d5
39 Fuse 2M 48M b5937927e07360b1e249acbe469a73f54ca1160a
40 Ethereum 2M 48M b1d92383ef8964f93f67cb7129aa74ff982910dc
41 Ethereum 2M 48M 529a865c1963c2adc41b70e775a13569e37d9d33
42 Ethereum 2M 48M ee6ae82d059faf31bc656e5dde0f8f9529ab1b9a
43 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 936a2d5b296b19615761cc9ebcd1d5b63922669f
44 Polygon 2M 48M 8e380b5d21d2c0d4adeae3e1ab5c9f9c066d8e43
45 Ethereum 2M 48M 2c5bd1612838caa721ac4c18f9b6f7560c1b2798
46 xDai 2M 48M 9e614fa643b0311d9eeb8bbd233822a27536e0b1
47 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 6e2266a21dc35af213efc8dec5e478a6448f11da
48 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 708e07ca61ff6f9075315c150a8f5fe70467d0e6
49 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 6a95ab95136d7dff3c90f4cc097a077fae13423e
50 xDai 2M 48M a04ca960a1e77f929a8ed9a088af5826e02172de
51 xDai 2M 48M 62a8b69ee6f667c10f39003fce59dd5ec4db4f03
52 Fuse 2M 48M 65bc8da6785c33fcb55a6727506c72ff1a08313b
53 Ethereum 2M 48M 67aec82d2d497d7e1ea0b6cb0768807c2e4443ff
54 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 592120cabcd965e90e8bcfd61256dd914d621aa9
55 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 5b234103d5f732b391f5ee085bf527f8f6ca5b7a
56 Fuse 2M 48M 28c752ab67a36fb9d0ff06b4333afb793abe8cb8
57 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 543411305fb2038fb0fc4c84b1f52a308712568d
58 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 18ec6209285dc0ff0cdd09a45abd831f95079467
59 Ethereum Archival Trace 2M 48M 0926b17077350f5a6c0181259ad364ab0d906cfd
60 xDai 2M 48M 1522559c2e5bf8f0238f8e08f6e94785e04bae09
61 DFKChain 2M 48M 0d23ee4199ae4ea455818d118b69368061cc9674
62 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 0c3760020ddd450e2a24409419d357da784b2d90
63 Avalanche 2M 48M 0756da2b15c556ff24ffdaa92eded275b3bbbcb8
64 Ethereum 2M 48M 1fcd126dfc2ba46930f2feaa3b2bf853584b6bf4
65 Dogechain 2M 48M 0fb8a079c9c4cb1e153fdce75820b6850bccc7fc
66 Polygon 2M 48M 021fe3cac3f09551a9a081ee2e248e2ff0cbea4c
67 xDai 2M 48M 54fc90073c6cc5c76c504243c845909ad3248a5b
68 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 5320db03451aa34a8e84361114c5d73900442767
69 Fuse 2M 48M 4f403dd75fa5db0d2eb7f326c6cab1eba79f7262
70 Fuse Archival 2M 48M 0551ce49b10bd603c85b8de89434686efdbb9c7a
71 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M f2a5ab676e6d41394bd2409041c5099b796f1c3f
72 Ethereum 2M 48M f34c95f9c7b75045966657b4491e3213e2bc5cd9
73 Fuse 2M 48M c4f5a0fd51fd7fb62ace37cc1bf855679af1369d
74 Ethereum Kovan 2M 48M 1425fdc7835f19068606406188c5f78dcaed90f1
75 Ethereum 2M 48M 36ededb36c1e876cb04c284367dd74292718bd91
76 Ethereum 2M 48M 385346cf77fdcd4b259ca620a63d3fae8f23ea03
77 Ethereum 2M 48M b98c3cd80d8eba9f1f759d95a1d8968c9b16ec11
78 Ethereum 2M 48M ebbf806a322a097c653165420ae36e84a56d048e
79 Fuse 2M 48M e5641690e1d723181ca361896feddd518c5e8e69
80 xDai 2M 48M e6b6b113beb8ba822d3e164ce5a452621b612903
81 xDai 2M 48M bf001375d361dd02fb17ce79c4b9885bbee8911f
82 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M ec2457a4041c2693204c541c313e8dedefc6e932
83 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M b6d4065554e932052efa267c844e939a5c9302fd
84 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M c127fba5558622503cda1a72c08095704803dbca
85 Ethereum 2M 48M af90ac969b55facdca90a384b295379abda1dc41
86 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M d60678b45932eccd097e356817d5853360403ab1
87 xDai 2M 48M a348446dbc07137cd98b39926848b6f35faea700
88 xDai 2M 48M a43740dd3a5f33eccefac9019d6e4dc5c2b4872d
89 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 236acaa716ba40542c0630f03b29016c051db29a
90 Moonbeam 2M 48M 14c8d4c1d55067454d852a9c819374d5a0c48893
91 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M 93c64bfbdae9625f453c711009204f116cf0001a
92 Ethereum 2M 48M 963bc22119c88f86c646607564dccd9d13b95940
93 Fuse 2M 48M 84932a5399f9fc909d528e06d292065c5f4302cf
94 Ethereum 2M 48M 990f02013907497eca1dfa004d26ced3b7d6eca9
95 Ethereum 2M 48M 335bc96d93dfaf4741b467d122930604e281fb89
96 Harmony Shard 1 Archival 2M 48M 168fd5a609b12d925d6452d704b284999329b3a8
97 Polygon 2M 48M 161dcab7759723c3f17a9f1f1be3ff5dc9a6a6b4
98 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M d84353cb658d25171845145c8e915f12d4192b35
99 Harmony Shard 0 2M 48M a074cc9a2472d5241d3928f5dcff52e8971a4c6d
100 Ethereum 2M 48M 6a32980eb2756bd6b58568f7ba18a916ca8b1a29

Top Apps (By Relays in Last 24hrs)

Chains Actual Relays (24hrs) Address
1 Binance Smart Chain 16.1M 2716fd7f509c09322718c0d8adc73546d8fc105c
2 Binance Smart Chain 10.6M 0152477c67395fc9ef41a21c8c9c53fc9786a757
3 Binance Smart Chain 10.6M c1e75b5259404cff1ecf3fccd6aab8130edfe0bb
4 Binance Smart Chain 10.6M 6fe6369b25404b136bad1f9927922813bd320532
5 Optimism Mainnet 10.5M 59cd828abb0a5ff0da2015bd50a734000f14b28b
6 Binance Smart Chain 10.5M 657d33bdfd82109e253039179232107aba6254d9
7 Optimism Mainnet 10.4M 08a8adffcc0358df91fe697d2d8a5f307f1373c6
8 Optimism Mainnet 9.8M 9f5c5b4f244c69852e5a5ed87922c4f5f536fb30
9 Ethereum 9M 615289ce9b7c6f1d58f51eecc9eef037b04c33df
10 Ethereum 9M ac2fb24da0042e3402d01bd3d9f9caf65af5a0fb
11 Ethereum 9M af90ac969b55facdca90a384b295379abda1dc41
12 Ethereum 9M f34c95f9c7b75045966657b4491e3213e2bc5cd9
13 Ethereum 8.9M ee6ae82d059faf31bc656e5dde0f8f9529ab1b9a
14 Ethereum 8.9M 529a865c1963c2adc41b70e775a13569e37d9d33
15 Ethereum 8.9M 1c48d04a5ab9519fc3b781059dcefdfe36294bcc
16 Ethereum 8.9M 963bc22119c88f86c646607564dccd9d13b95940
17 Ethereum 8.9M 2c5bd1612838caa721ac4c18f9b6f7560c1b2798
18 Ethereum 8.9M 2abcf270e0a33ed5dbdc443fc05602a63115bb5c
19 Ethereum 8.9M b98c3cd80d8eba9f1f759d95a1d8968c9b16ec11
20 Ethereum 8.9M 195b6266049618eef6c4d6d11129a825f5b76ae3
21 Ethereum 8.9M 335bc96d93dfaf4741b467d122930604e281fb89
22 Ethereum 8.9M 830798f5a1fa3e23cea8428943ff1813e46512fa
23 Ethereum 8.9M cc05dd6dcd1eaf544541d4105665cfbd9d645d1d
24 Ethereum 8.9M 36ededb36c1e876cb04c284367dd74292718bd91
25 Ethereum 8.9M b1d92383ef8964f93f67cb7129aa74ff982910dc
26 Ethereum 8.9M 579b04cf60c5471a056350dc5e6f122d612c38d6
27 Ethereum 8.9M b71c35de0cdf8036646a5eb369be73f0b5b1324a
28 Ethereum 8.9M 4e68443eba35f1bb94c78c1d90789b135e97d2d5
29 Ethereum 8.9M bec0b72d46392180562ab7028c37ceafc5f83b3f
30 Ethereum 8.9M 385346cf77fdcd4b259ca620a63d3fae8f23ea03
31 Ethereum 8.9M 328a7c2f508f6ef5aeeff9a985305f1d7b454a06
32 Ethereum 8.8M ebbf806a322a097c653165420ae36e84a56d048e
33 Ethereum 8.8M 6a32980eb2756bd6b58568f7ba18a916ca8b1a29
34 Ethereum 8.8M 67aec82d2d497d7e1ea0b6cb0768807c2e4443ff
35 Ethereum 8.8M 3424169697056dba6d2b90fb670dfed1ee0f432d
36 Ethereum 8.8M 4aa65ddfe1a19f16d088b47b04b6854bab51ca91
37 Ethereum 8.8M 990f02013907497eca1dfa004d26ced3b7d6eca9
38 Ethereum 8.8M 1fcd126dfc2ba46930f2feaa3b2bf853584b6bf4
39 Evmos 8M efaa937e56f981e6eefba4a005441b42c5786e3a
40 Polygon 7.1M eea03af3c61d5586ad36ec247ad161956b729fc6
41 Polygon 7.1M e30196f7b2843a0474e9c3a1a000dfd05c4c7f0b
42 Polygon 7.1M ea6124eacf29891ef10f505e4b0c1eb36b19a850
43 Polygon 7.1M 81c9b77aaf342f17635187e4d900e28bda6a2d2d
44 Polygon 7M 66f5529b4c9724cda505ed8bda05b53def5d2eb9
45 Polygon 7M 77b1d1c0abbb350997a4e03a80f4b12e1b9e0f6c
46 Polygon 7M c7b820cd8534f813f7ee47cdadc82365db89a37d
47 Polygon 7M 6ca802b310e21ece212a596614d432e1060f0c10
48 Polygon 7M c122975590ec994f40ee3ea32fbc77090a0881dc
49 Polygon 7M ba23c95df1311c693beb0735f794210fe0d7bc47
50 Polygon 7M 70f43a758c7b0e393c7eb592a22085d339194b59
51 Polygon 7M 9fdaacd1fa205d6698046e288a6046047ed4db13
52 Polygon 7M 8b28f0fcfa08504c3fd4945a561ad32a5951485e
53 Polygon 7M 860dbb3b022e606db0cd146123138732e259d02a
54 Polygon 7M 7fd9b1910604639aee778fbaa7ecd1af95a9c6d8
55 Polygon 7M 9f1b8e8e5123e5ef424961514dd5680ab22c8036
56 Polygon 7M 52c47a9e0d62f6e760d8df92a3d1943d1a2ab495
57 Polygon 7M 3c2046266e3f5e54557ec88d33b8d7c31ce986bc
58 Polygon 7M 3f85c15e3c5af45ac987b560321afd026a34a752
59 DFKChain 7M 1dd8dc372a869da9945c2d2ffcad869ec3cfc334
60 Polygon 7M 6e76cb09448825baf397098100bc1cdfd8563331
61 Polygon 7M 46e80ca8c2a881fea9943c1a82bcf09bf5b114a2
62 Polygon 7M a6bd5e19c2a2108721f30f0e2372bad4ca40e3a8
63 Polygon 7M ed3c2468b0a990387030871050a27d1e0e5fbb5f
64 DFKChain 7M c973565715aa1d1c70c16ac1576f25e8d6d6b263
65 Polygon 7M 8e380b5d21d2c0d4adeae3e1ab5c9f9c066d8e43
66 Polygon 7M 9dc133f194d1f53a86ee9e44f2c0d90a7cd52867
67 DFKChain 7M 3847a5dc8ed48c0bc9e0048e37f836ed3facf103
68 Polygon 6.9M aaefbbca2b7b2b16312fae5f9c9272e750fa6578
69 Polygon 6.9M 3cd52ab148c1ac275bde48b7190c36072a89f52a
70 Polygon 6.9M 161dcab7759723c3f17a9f1f1be3ff5dc9a6a6b4
71 Polygon 6.9M 9490013ad6d446ba5dcc971c5678ce0f664d0b32
72 Polygon 6.9M e36454d673060ae32174016319ee7223c5f056fd
73 DFKChain 6.9M 97fb41655e42907b7f9c827e99d4e030b86b7be3
74 DFKChain 6.9M cb0bfc40f497743c3a641023c3f2ecf00e444f7f
75 Polygon 6.9M d0bffa7231caf373bba7fb2cb53998987e19d167
76 Polygon 6.9M 021fe3cac3f09551a9a081ee2e248e2ff0cbea4c
77 DFKChain 6.9M a8086cb6463cde993e0c6eea74c3a5809b586996
78 Polygon 6.9M e4c85b85a26b046b47783c6ac8f851f42285f5cf
79 Polygon 6.9M 1785d6a623b2b402af6e9ad2047070f61dfa05cd
80 DFKChain 6.8M 8469f44b148496e0fa692807fde906edec101f0d
81 DFKChain 6.8M e17dcac3f6208ac4021f2204ea176441ea86e433
82 DFKChain 6.8M 1b60426536e035aad548e7b414f18a745c0d24e5
83 Polygon 6.8M eb6e0f5f5ec8b2580ffa6f0476fbede1988486fd
84 DFKChain 6.8M 0d23ee4199ae4ea455818d118b69368061cc9674
85 IoTex 4.4M 04b6e279acf0145998876010537342e8011cd572
86 Avalanche 4M c2883862d346ec230ed62e8d0b5caa2a6ed83590
87 Avalanche 3.9M 20879358d90662cdc73c183ef00a254d4b3205d5
88 Avalanche 3.9M 77e2b3ebb941852f01ecd167b4d158273fe5ee38
89 Avalanche 3.9M 877a90cac4380d042e759ffacac7cf63702ede19
90 Avalanche 3.9M 0756da2b15c556ff24ffdaa92eded275b3bbbcb8
91 Fuse 3.6M c4f5a0fd51fd7fb62ace37cc1bf855679af1369d
92 Fuse 3.6M 28c752ab67a36fb9d0ff06b4333afb793abe8cb8
93 Fuse 3.6M 4f403dd75fa5db0d2eb7f326c6cab1eba79f7262
94 Fuse 3.6M e4594376f0063befc44b3431c69441f3fb424924
95 Fuse 3.6M 5259ae278b8c6244cf78bcdaba8a4b3b34e40a2f
96 Fuse 3.6M 65bc8da6785c33fcb55a6727506c72ff1a08313b
97 Fuse 3.6M b5937927e07360b1e249acbe469a73f54ca1160a
98 Fuse 3.6M e5641690e1d723181ca361896feddd518c5e8e69
99 Fuse 3.6M 84932a5399f9fc909d528e06d292065c5f4302cf
100 Fuse 3.6M db7713c4158fed93fec713e342e28895949fce04

Network Decentralization

Geolocation data is computed by doing IP geolocation based off service URL. IP geolocation is generally considered reasonably accurate at country level.

Country Active Nodes Jailed Nodes Total Stake
United States of America 16141 26 322.7M
Singapore 2873 8 43.8M
<unknown> 2549 0 119.1M
Germany 2473 12 52.8M
France 557 5 8.7M
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 412 0 6.6M
Canada 185 0 3.1M
Finland 140 2 2.3M
Korea, Republic of 65 1 998.4K
Netherlands 22 0 333.9K
Czechia 20 0 302K
Switzerland 13 0 200.3K
Lithuania 10 0 197.7K
Ireland 6 0 90.8K
Luxembourg 5 0 75.4K
Sweden 2 0 30.2K
Poland 2 0 96.4K
Spain 2 0 30.2K
Mexico 2 0 30.2K
Slovenia 2 0 33.2K
Hong Kong 1 0 15.1K
Russian Federation 1 0 20K
Moldova, Republic of 1 0 16K
Taiwan, Province of China 1 0 15.2K
Malaysia 1 0 15.1K
India 1 0 15.4K
Austria 1 0 15.1K
Belgium 0 1 32K
Japan 0 1 15.5K


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