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Addressfb65cd8cc7896028fb3a37e3873867f6cfdc476f See on POKT Explorer
Output Address
Not Applicable - This node is custodial and will output to its own address.
Public Keybc8e110602f78b54c029f710613d67b1e16db3d43d5e6c1b0a102c29a2651c8d
Staked Tokens77,000.0 POKTs Staked (Initially)
77,000.3 POKTs Staked (Currently)
Staked Height130277 (05/02/2024 07:02:00)
ChainsC006 (Solana Custom), 0009 (Polygon), 0021 (Ethereum), 0081 (Ethereum Holešky Archive), 0052 (NEAR), 0079 (Base), A086 (Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet Archival), 0070 (Oasys), A053 (Optimism Archival), 0004 (Binance Smart Chain), 0074 (Polygon zkEVM), 0001 (Pocket), 0069 (Oasys Archival), 0006 (Solana), 0022 (Ethereum Archival)
Unstaking TimeN/A - Not Unstaking
IP Based Geolocation
At the moment: Behind: 0 blocks
Jailed: 0 blocks
Behind BlocksNone
Jailed BlocksNone