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Address1301af2e29d7f9918bcaef4b3a8671c3139c514c See on POKT Explorer
Output Address
Not Applicable - This node is custodial and will output to its own address.
Public Keye88fa922a79e54f3ad4018c4108abed172f95a26e0901a69ea6bdbb00d69803a
Staked Tokens15,000.0 POKTs Staked (Initially)
77,000.3 POKTs Staked (Currently)
Staked Height129274 (04/22/2024 07:58:21)
ChainsC006 (Solana Custom), 0009 (Polygon), 0021 (Ethereum), 0081 (Ethereum Holešky Archive), 0052 (NEAR), 0079 (Base), A086 (Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet Archival), 0070 (Oasys), A053 (Optimism Archival), 0004 (Binance Smart Chain), 0074 (Polygon zkEVM), 0001 (Pocket), 0069 (Oasys Archival), 0006 (Solana), 0022 (Ethereum Archival)
Unstaking TimeN/A - Not Unstaking
IP Based Geolocation
At the moment: Behind: 0 blocks
Jailed: 0 blocks
Behind BlocksNone
Jailed BlocksNone