Pocket Network Charts

Metrics on this page are calculated using pocket state data for every block since genesis. Please note that we are not using the easier but much less accurate "supply" based approach. We calculate relays and rewards directly from individual node claims. They reflect the performance of the Pocket Network regardless of how C0D3R.org is performing. That said, they have a bearing on how we perform because number of validator nodes in the Network and relay requests by apps affect the available work for our validator nodes.

All dates are UTC. They are calculated based on the block height and with the assumption that a block is being generated every 15 minutes, which is mostly true but not always.

Please see our FAQ section to learn more about Pocket Network, Relays, Validator Nodes, Staking and Jail.

Check out our brand new Node Explorer for more information about individual nodes.

All data as of block height 29388.


Chart values show the current calculations, going back 24 hours from now.
The solid black line is the 30-day average. Chart max is the maximum value observed in last 30 days.
Earned POKT is calculated by multiplying relays with 0.0089 relay rewards and dividing by all staked validator nodes, including jailed and unjailed nodes. We include both, because jailed/unjailed node count number fluctuates a lot, therefore preventing reliable calculations just based on one of them.
(Each relay mints 0.01 POKT, of which 0.0089 goes to the validator, 0.001 goes to the DAO, and 0.0001 goes to the block producer.)


430 M

Network Decentralization

Geolocatoion data is computed by doing IP geolocation based off service URL. IP geolocation is generally considered reasonably accurate at country level.


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