Frequently Asked Questions


How do you deliver my certificates?

We email PDF certificates. We currently do not offer mailing physical copies. We will start it soon. When it is available, you can order physical copies mailed to you, too.

Do your certificates expire?

No, our certificates do not expire.

In which countries are D3 Institute certificates valid?


Payments / Refunds

Are your payments secure?

Yes! Our website is secured with HTTPS that provides end-to-end encryption. Our payment processor is, a very well-known and reputable international payment processor. Stripe handles all credit card processing activities. Therefore, at no point we receive your credit card information. Since we never see it, we cannot share it, nor have it stolen from us.

Do you have money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have 30 days money back guarantee. If you fail exams, or if you change your mind for whatever reason, you can cancel order and receive a full refund. Please keep in mind that processing refunds may take up to 5 business days.


How are exams performed?

Our exams are administered online, using your own devices, when you want them, where you want them. Our exams consist of questions with multiple-choice answers. When you start, you can save your work and come back to where you left off.

Who prepares your exam questions?

We work with both industry veterans and published authors. Industry veterans bring us immediate applicability to job, while authors bring a certain level of academic perspective which ensures continued growth in your new position.

Are your questions difficult?

If "2+2" is difficulty level 1, and some exotic concept of the exam subject that no one really needs to know is difficulty level 10, our questions are between levels 3 and 7. We use advanced analytics in the background to rate the questions based on how many people get it right or wrong.

Furthermore, our goal when preparing exams have been that a person who uses this certain technology which is the subject of the exam should be able to achieve at least 95% score.

Are your questions relevant to day-to-day demands of an actual work environment?

Our exams are authored to be as practical as possible.

Types of questions that you WON'T find in our exams:
- Specifics of a programming language that only a standards committee member should know
- Concepts, which are too academic or theoretical that no one uses in actual business environment. Every question is designed to be directly applicable to most frequently encountered problems. - Stuf that you have to memorize (e.g. 'What is the second parameter of CreateThread function?'.) We develop code daily ourselves, and guess what, we use references all the time. We don't expect you to memorize anything ridiculous.

Types of questions that you will see:
- John is trying to achieve (...) what is the best approach?
- Why is it a bad idea to (...)
- What is a decision criteria between (...) and (...)
- What is a good application for ...
- What is the output of this program?
- How do you choose between ...
- Why won't this program compile?
- Please select all that apply.
- True/False statements.
- Which line(s) are buggy?
- How to debug ...?
- How to test ...?
- Why is it wrong to do ...